Caring for your Canvas Print

Now that you have your Canvas Print we'd really like you to enjoy it in the perfect condition we dispatched it in. Here are a few simple tips to help.

  • Make sure you only handle your canvas print with clean hands, even slightly oily or dirty fingers may leave a smudge from handling.
  • Avoid hanging in areas where there are extreme changes in humnidity and temperature.
  • Don't hang a canvas print directly above a heat source, radiator, stove, cooker or open fire. Over time this may cause the canvas to sag.
  • Use a good quality hanging fixture, we supply a good hanging kit for €2. Avoid using adhesive hooks as they can fail over time.
  • Lightly dust off the print on a regular basis, only use the softest possible duster, or a "feather" type duster if possible.
  • Never use any cleaning products or solvents as they may damage the ink.
  • Don't worry about UV light from sunlight fading the print, the combination of ink and canvas used should give you a lifetime of vibrant colours in typical domestic settings.

If you have any other questions please contact us and we'd be pleased to help.